Dagmara Almand

National Poetry Month- Happy Cuddles


Sometimes I forget                                    IMG_2924 - Version 2
How very small you are

You look into my eyes
with that very serious air

But then you take my hand
and know that Santa Claus is real

Not the Easter bunny though
because bunnies can’t talk

You bring the blanket
and the pillow to the couch

Mommy let’s cuddle
you say with the sweetness of a child

If the cuddle could last forever
and you could always stay like this

I embrace you and
hold on tight


2 thoughts on “National Poetry Month- Happy Cuddles

  1. I posted this on ADETOKUNBOHR’s BLOG:

    To Dagmara Almand and Ava

    Of Mother
    And Daughter

    Somewhere in-between
    A chain connects both in
    An equilibrium

    Daughter is the mother
    The cuddles a nourishing placenta
    She gives to who birthed her

    They are like a Siamese
    Duo as their rosy pink cheeks
    Touch. How will one do without the other?

    Strangely, they remind me of
    Smiling emoticons…Nay, my mind just
    Can’t find the words.

    • Thank you so much for the beautiful words
      I am touched by your poem and your thought
      I love the way you see us in the picture and that our bond is obvious

      Have a beautiful happy Monday

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