Dagmara Almand

Happiness in our own light

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8483364696_f813255111_oI went to a networking dinner last tonight. It was a small enough event where we all had  chance to introduce ourselves and share briefly what we were there for. After the speech we had a chance to mingle. A woman came up to me. Very nice and well intentioned I’m sure, and told me that I didn’t sell myself enough. That I didn’t discuss with enough detail what I was about. I thanked her and told her I enjoyed what she had shared. She wasn’t being malicious and I am sure she had the best of intentions.
Then I went on to talk to the people sitting near me. I met some amazing people and had lengthy conversations about everything from what we did, to our kids, to what we were persuing in life.
The woman who had walked up to me was correct. Selling myself in a public forum is not what sings most loudly in my heart. I don’t have  a problem getting up and making a presentation after years of teaching and performing in theater. But  selling myself in that sort of venue is not my strong point. 
Wouldn’t it be boring if we all did things exactly the same way. Our happiness comes from who we are as individuals, not in being someone who we are not to please the crowd. Perhaps I did not sell myself as much as I could have. But that didn’t stop me from meeting people and making real bonds and connections in ways more enjoyable to me. Being true to myself allowed me to be true in the moments where it counted because I was happy with who I had been during the whole experience. It allowed me to make real connections without putting on a facade.
Finding our true inner voice. The one that speaks from our hearts is where the true inner happiness and peace of our soul presides. Our strength and happiness comes from following the voice of who we are as individuals with determination and perseverance not following the crowd. Don’t be afraid to shine. Just shine in your own light and not someone else’s.

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