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I opened up my blog and found a comment in my about me page. I love getting comments. It’s great feedback about how people interpret your writing, it’s a great way to connect and learn about others, and it’s a great way to have two way communication!

This particular comment said…
…Great to read about what you are doing! Know that God loves you and He will strengthen you.

I stared at it for a while.
Reread what I wrote
And then stared at it some more…. God will strengthen me? In my endeavor? In my being? How would he strengthen me? Why? I thought I was clear. I am not sad. I am not grieving. I believe life is beautiful. I have been strengthened. It is the strength that makes me want to go out and share. So that no matter where you are in life and what you have gone through you can realize that life is to be lived in the moment. That life is truly beautiful, and joyful, and full of wonder. That we are here to enjoy life.

Was that not coming across? This was to be a page was about hope and inspiration. At least that is how I saw it because I feel hopeful and inspired and that is what I wanted to pass on.

Now I was just confused and in need of some good editing.


Miscommunication happens everyday in the workplace, with children, friends, parents…

In the real world our meaning is perceived not only by the words used but also the way we dress, the way we carry ourselves, and the way we choose to say the words we say. In the written word it is just letters on a paper. Hopefully they are arranged in a way that gives away our true meaning. However, we could be great writers without being great speakers. (If good at conviction) We could be great speakers and not great writers. The two are not mutually inclusive. The goal is to merge themo and be great at both while still being true to ourselves.

How do you keep communication real, open and positive while still being true to yourself?

Truly communicating with another from a real place allows for the greatest sense of joy. That includes allowing them to be exactly who they are while being exactly who you are. And enjoying the interaction. You will never be understood by everybody. Jesus couldn’t do it, Gandhi couldn’t do it, Pope John Paul II couldn’t do it… and one would think the message of love and kindness should be universally understood. Everyone gets misunderstood.

So next time you try to communicate. Remember not everyone will understand you. Not everyone will agree with you. Not everyone will be moved by you in the way you believe your words to be moving. Be happy they are moved. Be happy you are you. Be happy you have shared from your own inner strength. But acknowledge they will see things from the path they have traveled to get here and the words they have heard. Realize this and work on being heard the way you want to be heard. Learn from mistakes and become better.

But always have more faith in who you are than in who others tell you to be.

When you close your eyes find who you are in your happiest moments and be that person.

Then you will be inspired… by you.

And inspiring… to others.


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