Dagmara Almand

Why worry?



There has been a great deal of “worry” talk going on around me recently. I am not much on “worry” talk.
It never has to do with the present. It always has to do with something that might or might not happen in the future. Something we don’t know.

So… I wanted to share a story with you about worrying

I married a man with bad vision. He wore -9 and -9.5 contacts. Without them he was legally blind. From 2002, when we got married, I made sure he got his biannual eye exams, took his contacts our regularly, ate vitamins. In short, I did everything to make sure he was taking the best care he could of his eyes.
I worried about his vision.
I worried about him not being able to do the things he enjoyed. Reading books. Watching movies. Doing the things you need your eyesight for.
I just worried that as we grew older he wouldn’t be able to see.
I worried about something that wouldn’t happen for years because of the impact it would make on his later years in life.
I never worried about our overall health. We were young, fit, never ate fastfood, didn’t smoke. Young people are healthy aren’t they?
Only old people need check-ups!

So one night, at the age of 34, he had a massive heart attack on the living room floor and passed away.
No heart problems or family history. Just a single moment in time happening very differently than I ever imagined. And definitely not something I ever worried about.

I know there are very few thing in life I have absolute control over
I have control over who shows up when we walk out the door every morning. How I interact with people and what I put out into the world
I know I only have control over who I am

Don’t worry about the big stuff and don’t sweat the small stuff
Do what you have in your power to make your world as beautiful as possible for you and for others
Do what you can to live the life you want in a world you want to be a part of at this very moment
Don’t worry about what may or may not happen
Be thankful. Be free. Be present.


4 thoughts on “Why worry?

  1. “If you are anxious you’re living in the future”–this really struck me today for some reason. Thanks for sharing this story.

  2. This is an amazing, well-timed post! I have always felt the most peace in the present, unfortunately I frequently ‘forget’ this and begin the past/future cycle. Today is the best day ever, because I can choose for it to be. Thank you!!!

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