Dagmara Almand


National Poetry Month- beyond the fog

when the end cannot be seen through mist and fog
have faith
trust your heart
and forge ahead
the clear path above
will make the struggles left behind
but a blur
and all that is in your sight
is beauty
and all that you have come through
is but a puff of white clouds


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national poetry month- beauty of you

Footsteps-mind-your-own-business-3638832-1024-768 - Version 2


do not let the fear

of your wants and desires

stop you

like the droplet of rain

that hurdles through the

waterless sky

to touch your cheek

and remind you of a moment

long forgotten in the warm summer night

the beauty of your perfection is

the love you bring with you wherever you go

not the love you hide from your own happiness to

travel in the footsteps of anothers path



Yes to struggles! Yes to possibility!


I went to see my friends wife’s show at the supper club last friday night.It was an  amazing performance with ropes, acrobatics, stilts, musicians…

You have to work really hard to become that amazing. Practicing. Falling. Picking yourself up again.  Then once you get that level it takes hours of daily training to stay that way.

Effortlessness takes practice. Saying yes even when it is hard. Even when you are not sure of the outcome. Saying yes to the journey.

No matter what choices you make in life it is always about saying yes to the possibility. Whether you are an amazing athlete, scientist, entertainer, hero in your cause or amazing parent raising your children.

At the beginning of the journey you never know whether or not it will work out. Everyone struggles.frog

I struggle as a parent to find balance in bringing up my daughter to be healthy, happy, and herself while creating boundaries.  But not limiting who she is.

I struggle with my charity. It is new and we are just starting out. There are so many reasons it could fail. That it could be a waste of time and not make a difference. Besides, who am I to think myself so bold.

But what is so huge in the world that should make me think that I am not allowed?

There is not a person right now that has done amazing things that came into this world any differently than I. They were once a baby. They learned to talk. To laugh. To live. They struggled and overcame to make a difference. No matter how much money they have or their family connections they lived in the world of saying yes to what they wanted to achieve.

Maybe they came from more money. Maybe they came from a world of more opportunity.
But for every person who started out wealthy there is a Maya Angelou who overcame great hardships.
For every person who came from more opportunity there is a Mother Teresa, known all over the world for helping others.

When the world says no you are not worthy of the grandeur of your thoughts I tell it that it is being silly. I might struggle but I will try and I will always see the possibility of yes in everything. It is reflected in the happiness of my soul. In the way my heart skips a beat and jumps for joy.

The world may say you are asking too much. You are dreaming too big. You are aiming too high. I say maybe, but why shouldn’t I?

So as I take steps every day in moving forward.With All Love Always. With Life. Some steps are small. Some you might not even notice. But they move me in the right direction.In bringing to light all the possibilities I have.

There will be people who say no. And  no is ok.  It makes me rethink things, try harder, and do things differently. It makes me learn something about making my dreams even better. And then I meet the people who say yes. Yes, let’s make something happen.
But for my life to be what I want only one person has to say yes…


If I want to be happy it  takes me.
Life is too beautiful and too short and too full to listen to no!