Dagmara Almand

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National Poetry Month- Texting


texting texting
one two three

i won’t look at you
you won’t look at me

don’t hear my voice
don’t see my eyes

what’s in a text
punctuation highs….

thought i’d go with light and fun!
have a beautiful wednesday 🙂


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National Poetry Month… Thinking of a Poem

Chrises office 022 - Version 2

Every morning I  wake

Sitting, my mind does bake

Spinning round and around

“What can I write?”is the ultimate sound

I can’t think my brain screams out

It’s 5 am it’s starting to shout

Can’t you just go back to bed

And save your poor tired head

I must write, I must write, I must write

And today I will win this fight 🙂

Happy Wednesday Everybody!!