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Why worry?


There has been a great deal of “worry” talk going on around me recently. I am not much on “worry” talk.
It never has to do with the present. It always has to do with something that might or might not happen in the future. Something we don’t know.

So… I wanted to share a story with you about worrying

I married a man with bad vision. He wore -9 and -9.5 contacts. Without them he was legally blind. From 2002, when we got married, I made sure he got his biannual eye exams, took his contacts our regularly, ate vitamins. In short, I did everything to make sure he was taking the best care he could of his eyes.
I worried about his vision.
I worried about him not being able to do the things he enjoyed. Reading books. Watching movies. Doing the things you need your eyesight for.
I just worried that as we grew older he wouldn’t be able to see.
I worried about something that wouldn’t happen for years because of the impact it would make on his later years in life.
I never worried about our overall health. We were young, fit, never ate fastfood, didn’t smoke. Young people are healthy aren’t they?
Only old people need check-ups!

So one night, at the age of 34, he had a massive heart attack on the living room floor and passed away.
No heart problems or family history. Just a single moment in time happening very differently than I ever imagined. And definitely not something I ever worried about.

I know there are very few thing in life I have absolute control over
I have control over who shows up when we walk out the door every morning. How I interact with people and what I put out into the world
I know I only have control over who I am

Don’t worry about the big stuff and don’t sweat the small stuff
Do what you have in your power to make your world as beautiful as possible for you and for others
Do what you can to live the life you want in a world you want to be a part of at this very moment
Don’t worry about what may or may not happen
Be thankful. Be free. Be present.



Without change there would be no butterflies!!

imagesThese past few weeks I have been making calls and getting activities sponsored for kids through All Love Always Charity so they can see the beauty and joy of this amazing life. One of the contacts I made has been super sweet, amazing and just really helpful about getting stuff done with her company.

We spoke the other day and she shared some terrible news with me.
She said…
Between meeting you and now my father past away and I have a 5 year old half sister who I am now responsible for. If we hadn’t met I wouldn’t even know there were any programs out there that she could be a part of and that could help her. I will definitely be contacting you.

I am so very sorry for her loss and for the loss of her half sisterimages

But I am so glad that I chose this path. Because I  just helped one person that I wouldn’t have otherwise helped. I am so glad that I enlarged my circle of possibility and opened a door that I had never opened before and found myself in the middle of this new possibility!
Isn’t that what we all aspire to? To make changes. Whether it’s in someone else’s life or our own. Don’t we all want to make a change? Open up an unrealized and unexpected possibility?

imagesMove forward. Make one change in your life today. Dare to do something you have never done before. Go to the local coffee shop and strike up a conversation with someone sitting next to you. Sign up for a class you never would. Do something so grand, so different from your norm that it excites you. It doesn’t have to be big. It just has to be big for you. And choose to enjoy it. Really enjoy it!  Make it something that gives you butterflies and makes you tingle with excitement! It won”t be the same for everyone. We are all on different paths of our journey. Make it something right for you and soar with it! Find something that puts a smile on your face and happiness to your heart!

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National Poetry Week- Thank you…So glad to have been a part of it all!


On April 3rd I noticed a post from the NAPOWRIMO and as my finger reached for the delete button I stopped. There was no harm in taking the challenge? Or at least trying to take it.

And over these past weeks as I wrote poems and shared thoughts I go to know a whole group of people that I might never have gotten to come into contact with. I got to know you through your words your  poetry and your writing. I got a better understanding of the notion of blogging. And of the every morning deadline.

Thank you so much to everyone who has shared their beautiful words and ideas. Thank you imagesfor stopping by to check out my page and to comment on my words. Thank you for opening
my eyes and thoughts to your ideas and your way of thinking.

I am so glad that I took the challenge.
And that I had a chance to meet you.
Happy Beautiful Tuesday 🙂

If you have a chance to stop by and “like” my
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(on the right side of the blog page) I would be eternally grateful 🙂
It’s a great cause!

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national poetry month- beauty of you

Footsteps-mind-your-own-business-3638832-1024-768 - Version 2


do not let the fear

of your wants and desires

stop you

like the droplet of rain

that hurdles through the

waterless sky

to touch your cheek

and remind you of a moment

long forgotten in the warm summer night

the beauty of your perfection is

the love you bring with you wherever you go

not the love you hide from your own happiness to

travel in the footsteps of anothers path



National Poetry Month- you are loved



the leaves shake against the raging winds

as the tree stands immovable

grounded in its roots

and poised to the radiating sky

so does the will hold course as

the lips tremble and the eyes yearn

have faith

for the roots of your soul

our grounded in your faith

and the love in your heart

do not hear the laughter of your thoughts

but listen to the whispering voice that permeates

from beyond your mind

and know that you are loved


National Poetry Month- the Promise

IMG_2464 - Version 3

I closed my eyes

to the sound of emptiness

As the rush of longing encapsulated my every cell

I breathed in the new day

The air of revived serenity, each particle reminding me

That I found love in the depths of a world

tormented by its insecurities

That I found faith in the depths of a world

broken by its empty promises

And as I lift my head to the heights of

unseen fortunes

Within me is where the

greatest gifts lay

And within the emptiness is the whisper of

a promise of what is to come

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National Poetry Month- Motherhood

DSC00540 - Version 2

I press my lips gently to the soft touch of your newborn skin

All the promise of tomorrow lay in your yet uncluttered mind

Only the gentlest touch of love has filled your thoughts with their wonder

Only the kindest word has filled your heart with its love

You lay peacefully in your slumber and dream of the flight of love that has brought you here

That has laid your peaceful breath upon mine breast and filled my heart

Brimming with a fullness you will never understand

Until one day you lay

Your child upon your breast